Grilled is the new cheese

My name is Eduardo and I currently live in Toronto, Canada. Come on a curated journey to the shallowest recesses of my brain. I'm a bit lazy and self involved so if you would be kind enough to reblog my art I'll love you even more, sweet stranger.

*Credit for my Tumblr name goes to (my younger sister in randomness)


I haven’t posted anything in forever.  Here’s some GoT randomness.  My version of Prince Oberyn Martell based on how I saw him in the books.  He gets quite the action on TV no?  Here’s to longer softcore porn scenes.  
0017 Further Style Exploration (
0016 Style exploration, loosely based off of model Tanya D!  

0015 Test Gif

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Does this work? Random gif for fun/testing. Still figuring out my current style. Let me know if it doesnt work if you reblog it!

**update: It seems to work on my Chrome and Iphone Safari browser but not on my Iphone tumblr app.  Hmmmmmmmmmm

I took inspiration from Beyonce’s latest album (both in subject matter and marketing) and decided to drop a drawing from nowhere to end my Tumblr rut.  I took out the prints on Beyonce’s jacket and Jourdan’s trousers because it was too hard and I gave up.  *Thank you Karen Langley and Ricky Saiz for this visual urban fashion head explosion.
**Thank you Timbaland for my favourite beat of yours in forever.  
0013 model Cara Delevingne no. 2